Tip#2 Just Do It

This post is meant for those who have started writing but have stopped, or haven’t written anything because of excuses.  If you are not in either of these categories I congratulate you on an accomplishment.  Still read it though because it might help you from getting trapped in this situation in the future.  What I have found to be the main problem for many writers is not really what you would expect.  The problem is not forming the idea or sticking to a schedule.  It is simply that most writers just won’t do it.  Most people will say that they are too busy, don’t have the time, etc…., etc…  If you are a person who says, “well, I just don’t have enough time to write.”

I have only one thing to say,“Check your schedule!”

With over 95% of writers you will find there is plenty of time to write a few paragraphs here and there.  If you still say you are to busy, check again, if your a morning person, write than, late at night, instead of checking emails, taking pictures, checking stats on social media there is time to write.  If you added up every second you spent wasting time (not saying that those things are specifically a waste) there would be an abundance of time in which you could be writing.

Tip#2  If your excuse is I don’t have anything to write about.  You don’t have an excuse. 

Just doing it is hard, but I have found that once you have broken past the boundary of that first sentence or page, creativity abounds.  For some people this is not the case, please do not be frustrated if you are not inspired by a long blank page, I know i’m not.  Never, ever, ever!  Start writing because you are frustrated, and trying to meet your daily page number, (You might damage property, possibly not your own.  I have).  If you can stay out of this ditch, then writing will begin to become much easier.  Just do it, if you’re still having trouble with it don’t worry, use several of the starters in Tip#1 to get you started, branch out into your own ideas and go from there.

Tip#1 Formulating the Idea

Welcome! If you happen to be reading this you are probably someone who 1. wants to write, 2. has written, or 3. are writing.  If you fit into any of these categories than this blog is for you.  I plan to be posting material weekly, so check often for new tips, tricks, sneak peeks at my latest novel, and more!

“Tip#1 Discover your strengths, write where you are comfortable, once you have an idea stay at your level, in your zone.”


 The journey of starting, re-starting, or continuing is a long and hard process, you notice that the pencil above is hovering above a blank page, that is how most writers start out, so you aren’t alone.  There is no way to make it simplistic and easy, but there are ways to make it easier.  Whether you enjoy short stories, novels such as I do, or are simply wondering what to write about it all comes down to formulating the idea.  Now writing isn’t going into some cabin in the woods with a coffee mug and return to the publisher with a masterpiece.  Sometimes if you have searched your mind from end to end and can not think about what to write, just write how you feel about not being able to write.  Now I know that that can be frustrating so i’ll give you a list of starters.

1. The deep blue dragon soared above, the knights stayed low in the fortress turrets not knowing when the beast would attack…

2. If only I had been digging maybe 2 inches away I wouldn’t have found what brought this ruin to the world…

3. A Machine rumbles in the distance but close, the sonic disruption bombs were getting closer, the man in black pulled out his black and silver laser pen…

4. They came down in hordes, nothing could stop them, nothing…

5.  The alien spacecraft drifted down, cloaked itself and than the lizard like creatures began changing into the form of earthlings…

Those were just a few ideas to get you started, add on to them, combine them, make them your story.  In writing patience is the key, unfortunately an idea will not simply appear in your mind.  Yes, there will be many sleepless nights pounding your head literally against the wall(when I say literally I mean it!)  But don’t give up, start with the basic design, the bones of your idea then work yourself up.  Take your time to pace yourself, go slowly and eventually you should have the makings of a great idea.  Write. Just Right.